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takin’ over testo – lucky 3rd


yea its lucky jr in this b-tch lucky 3rd too
lucky brother sh-t you feel me yea already
free the gang

verse 1

its lucky jr in this b-tch windows down blowin’ dro
try to hit me with that chopper ima let my nine blow
don’t matter what i got ima hit ya in ua head f-ck boy
don’t play with me p-ssy boy i ain’t scared ima go f-ck on
yo momma then i go f-ck on yo sister and she really thought
i cuffed her but a n-gg- really dissed her lil mama hoe you trippin
i ain’t wanna be with ya im just focused on this money never worried
bout no b-tches

lucky 3rd

lucky 3rd up in this hoe and n-body really gon’ stop me dhb i started that now these n-gg-s tryna copy i be smokin’ h-lla blunts
in probation they can’t stop me, me and lino f-ckin’ up but we don’t really give a f-ck we just spark another blunt we just always turnin’ up bad luck it’s like it’s me but ima always run it up

(lucky jr)

we gon’ always run it up and we take it to the trap where we keep our f-ckin’ weed, where we keep all of our cash do a hunnid’ on the dash so that we can make this cash we already got the fame we just need to get a bag smokin’ on this mary jane got a n-gg- high as f-ck
thinkin’ that he got hit boy you barely got touched n-gg-s really think
they shootin’ but they know w-ssup with us

(lucky 3rd)

im from that northside houston texas b-tch you know just what it do
playa’ made im sippin’ dirty show me what you tryna’ do it ain’t no love connection it’s just sum’ bout her thats legit i be ridin’ with my brothers i can’t trip bout’ no b-tch m.o.b i love that money mary jane
i love that b-tch gucci all up on my waist yea im flashing with that sh-t

(lucky jr)

gucci all up on our waist so you better watch yo b-tch and i saw yo
little sister at the mall she suckin’ d-ck why yall p-ssy n-gg-s mad cause im gettin’ to that cake why yall n-gg-s sneek dissin’ but can’t say it to my face yea my shorty she my rock she gon’ slay just like a sleigh and my n-gg-s gon’ hit they gon make a f-ckin’ play and my
brother gon’ hit

(ima change this hoe up look)
(lucky 3rd)
im coolin’ im tooted’ and im booted’ catch me ridin’ down that h my brother thats my shooter i ain’t f-ckin’ with them snakes i told em’ that i got em’ so we runnin’ all them plays d.h.b we really winnin’ so just stay up in yo lane

yea lucky brother sh-t 2018 we coming different
yea b-tch

# lucky 3rd

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