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no way out testo – vortex


i feel disabled like i’m going out of control
i go hunting, you’re my sacrificing goat
see me running really low
my gun is ready
it just awaits you to explode

you try to hide but i’ll find you in the night
like napalm fire, see my eyes are shining bright
running through the jungle
you could step on to my mines
open your eyes my friend
i’m always in disguise

no way out

knowing my thoughts it’s a sanct-ty of minds
my visions of disorder in a war between the lines
you know i’m stronger
you could never fight me back
with a bullet in your head
you are bleeding to death

you’re in the rows of death with a rifle by your side
awaiting the enemies that wish to see you die
the sudden strike of death
hot blood stains both your hands
you’re a dying bleeding man
but you have no regrets

no way out

# vortex

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