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chapter 2 testo – king twano


living life through a phone
this sh-t like kryptonite, only weakness being alone
they witnessed how i changed from a rookie rapping with pros
now i’m staring at my idols like why the f-ck i ain’t known
too commited to dollars, tryna avoid the violence
the government want my silence, bullet hole through my eyelids
this is natural science, black boy they just want us to live in compliance
how when it’s bullets flying, n-gg-s die
off of street sh-t, they said if i ain’t pick up a gun, i wouldn’t be sh-t
better off swimming with sharks, leaving em seasick
so many people that’s dying cause of no reason
love can’t stop the bleeding
on the corner, bagging up marijuania
got it from california, adds to the paranoia
boys with no father, father less sons, warring with guns
inhaling chemicals to our lungs
til they run up on ya
boys in blue, got my hands up, please don’t shoot
i know my rights, cuffs on wrist, i struggle to move
in one of my moods, they see my black skin, the cause of it all
they think i’m only meant to rap, k!ll, and play basketball
but i ain’t hearing that, they wonder where my feelings at
when one of my own, gunned down because of our differences
what’s the point of talking if none of y’all really listening
this the same sh-t that applied to george zimmerman
the reason that we still in chains from all these white supremacist
labeled from a color they wonder why we ain’t innocent
ya white privleges can jump off a cliff, these thoughts in my head, continue to lift me through my hard times
they could hear my heart cry when mike brown died, we spose to be color blind
but still it’s black or white
if you a black man, the system gonna force you to fight
if you a white man, you born rich with a dad in your life
black boy, you got potential, don’t forget that
cops taking shots, they’ll aim where ever ya head at
they mad when we win, so there pistols sounding like click clack
bang, double jeopardy, i’m tired of living life in these chains
black boy, your heritage was created from kings
so don’t settle, the devil created the ghetto from pain
sh-t i’m going insane from all the nonsense
only 16 but these thoughts stay on my conscious
i’m often reminiscing, envision the catalyst
where my life isn’t hazardous, taking drugs like its sedative
n-gg-s sounding repet-tive
must be needing their medicine
got me sparring with veterans
sending shots at the president
where my grammy?
black excellence white america couldn’t stand me
see me in pine box eyes open, it can’t be
how i’m running the game, they think this sh-t is a stampede
black boy
and you ain’t gon die for this sh-t
another n-gg- dead in a grave cause the police think that we robbing a b-tch
what about tamir? what about freddie gray? got me shedding tears
what about eric garner? why y’all don’t care?
you ain’t do sh-t when you the man in the mirror
til i collapse i’m spitting these raps
so you can feel em
putting this venom all in ya system
family genes in denims
giving the minimum synonyms, k!lling em softy, mob deep, black beatle paul mccartney
sorry my black skin is an army
none of y’all couldn’t harm me
my n-gg-s playing with death, y’all n-gg-s playing with barbies
honestly i’m so hungry
walking round like a zombie
10 toes to the concrete
get these demons off me
partly anti social
hardly i don’t know you
kobe in fourth quarter maybe i should coach you
why they hate on our culture
stalk my prey like a vulture
glock 40 in holsters
missing bodies on posters
move around like i’m postal
pray ya mother could hold you
claims made that i fell off
ion rap like the whole group
bout to take this sh-t global
y’all n-gg-s thinking local
remember just what i told you
only the real will know you
i ain’t have nothing to lose
something to prove
f-ck all y’all interviews
when this real sh-t introduced
got my neck tied round a noose
just hoping they cut me loose
convicted of murder white america on the news….

# king twano

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