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2k16 x no memories testo – sk supreme


solar framed decisions gave me super saiyan strength
dreads in a press doobies floating in my chest
chili young n-gg- the villain that save the day
chopped the faded black for this mission ‘cuz it’s a game

posture popping out little better lately
shoulders holding all the world to put the codes in play g
we been cruising through the levels, failures tried to play me
started off a lame see, now i’m living wavy

dripping the equivalent to juice
ice cold with it cop a taste get seduced
ain’t not body f-cking with my crew
lacking when it’s coming to lacking to play it cool

oh god, looked me the face and now i’m never looking
nature played its course and now the team can hold it
down, ’round winners maneuver through top 5 list
from the get go, gettin higher beyond retirement

everyday the game is a, things a boss is meant to say
find a way to set a flex finessed in my opponents face
clearly this has been the case, pressed into this winners brain
lames is meant to stay away, face the truth and make a change

ears in love with diamonds, lucky like osiris
plan to eat the most, these stacks the colour of my iris
swear my dreams the scenes, to how the plays i see my life switch
audibly intense is feel the vibes of every rhyme grip

exhale all of that stress, x-game stunting i’m leaving the crowd impressed
we working better together my queen embody the best
drifting to ascension things you’ll never -sses

lemme lose my kissers, in your grill
on the real imma drill just like heavens supposed to feel like
yeah i’m shocking you with motions in these liquids like an eel
hard as rock to sharpen steel, power popping off the seals like

soul slayer pressed against my pallet in the limelight
less you in the clouds you’ll never understand the high life
stuck up on you n-gg-s never saying that i rhyme nice
gifted with visions only gold is in my eyesight

bounce big body brothers brewing up belligerence
pull up putting pressure play your part and pay in presidency
dope delivered to the doorstep of the residence
dolo docking dealer, dropping dollars dap and finish it


# sk supreme

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