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2am testo – likewiselucy



friend: ay bro
watch me record one more time
my brothers gonna come up
that’d be scary as f-ck
i wouldn’t even know he came in the room
friend: it’s 2:30
ay, yuh, ay
this ones gonna be the most agressive


blaming the peoples death up on economy
i blame the government
and fight for freedom
come along with me
lots a people telling me to shoot my shot
and k!ll the president
“where the adlibs at?”
this a sicker nation
bottle deprivation
f-ck your vision
f-ck your feelings
loss of thought
gone turn a patient psycho
wonder why mrs. britney
always using all that lypo’
never gonna face the fact it just won’t
fix her life though
slippity whoop
hangin’ a stoop
body drop
he a xanny fool
she a party thot
hit a bottle half dead
k!ll a liver lot
now she wishing for her sins to drop?
thats some fake -ss sh-t
wonder why her father dipped
flip my goggles up like obito
talk about your pain
toss it out like a free throw
riding on a bike
but ill punch a f-cking dyk-
rolling up a spliff like its j.m. right?


friend: bro that was
that was good as f-ck

# likewiselucy

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