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24 testo – mar$ gram


[verse 1]

you know ima, top dog and i knock your socks off, when i lock jaws turn wolf and pop off tell a knock off, your a counterfeit, wow the crowd any style i devour it, keep hot like a burning teapot, walking three blocks i’m rocking reeboks high as treetops i got the beat drops make the beat stop now watch it detox hear the beat, in the background i react foul when i act wild that’s how i made a rap style raka tat blaow rap clown better back down cause i’m back now for the rap crown, drilling em feeling like ima villain been k!lling em with the rhythm and filling em with the venom adrenaline bit em rid em diminish em get em and i replenish em hit em before i finish em like a mortal kombat finisher, dead or alive i’m the next to rise, check your timer, my best guess your times up step your grind up, yes wreck a line check your mind cause you can’t rhyme better then mine, back in it a second time, cause i need to k!ll the track more, f-ck a rap god, they call me the young trap lord, staying on my grind, you stay at the back back door, taking all your pride, to break it like cracked backboards, attacking a rhyme, like i’m shaq in his prime, and don’t ask me why, i rap, like such a mastermind, leave the past behind
it’s a new day, so move hate, aside when i rhyme ima die like wutang, cemented legacies enemies end in seconds see rest in peace to the best emcees testing me there’s no destiny, i let the less of me messily get defensively reckless get to your vest cause the pest in me wants you restfully, so get the recipes set when i get the board, i’m chopping off all your heads, you know i cook up a storm, don’t ever step in my lane, i thought i told you before, this my 23rd body, don’t make it 24

# mar gram

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